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Customer Reviews


John installed a security camera system around my house and did a great job. I’m very pleased with his work and professionalism. He did everything possible to make the security system fit my home, which wasn’t easy. A lot of people would give up.

If you’re deciding who to choose, then don’t think twice. Pick John.

I expect good service after making such an investment, and John exceeded my expectations. Some companies may flake out and hope you forget about the problem. Sound familiar? What sets John apart is he will follow up with and keep his word. He earns loyalty through his actions.

Price means nothing unless that company keep their word. John did this, and I’m glad I made the right choice. I would highly recommend John to anyone who is seeking his services.

Pete P.
San Francisco, CA

John and his team installed a 4 camera NVR surveillance system in my house. He is very knowledgeable and customer focused. John understood my needs; offered good recommendations; and installed a high quality system. The installation went extremely well and a couple of follow-up questions were answered quickly and effectively. I highly recommend Bamboo Communication for security needs.

Snecchi D.
San Francisco, CA

While we didn’t actually end up having to hire John to do any work for us, I am compelled to write a review for him for generously taking the time to provide his expert advice, for his honesty, and for and being an extremely nice guy. Our issue was simple. All our Comcast services suddenly stopped working and the incompetent Comcast tech that eventually arrived basically told us that it was our problem because their signal outside was good and there must be something wrong with the coaxial cable network inside our house. Despite my doubts about this diagnosis, Comcast told us we had to hire an electrician to come fix things before they would send anyone out again. Enter John to save the day. He answered our phone call right away, and having previously worked for Comcast, he immediately told us that this was total BS and that the Comcast tech’s excuse of not being able to find where the cable goes into our house was unacceptable. He quickly suggested some places to troubleshoot and gave us some strategic tips on how to force Comcast to come back to fix their problem. He even had us text some pictures of the cable lines going into our house so he could help. John also told us we could ask Comcast to send a senior tech who knew what he was doing. Turns out the first tech truly was incompetent and wasn’t even looking at our cable line but our neighbor’s. The next guy who came out found the issue and fixed it in 5 minutes. Even though John could have come over and charged us, he was honest in telling us that this was Comcast’s responsibility, and he took the time to chat with us and provide guidance all for free. He even followed up to see whether Comcast eventually fixed the issue. If it weren’t for John, we’d probably still be getting the run around from Comcast. Thanks John!

Kan L.
San Francisco, CA

I wish we can give John and his crew 10 stars! They are simple the best. They installed high def cameras for us, doing a very clean and professional job. Giving us a complete walk through on how to use all the features on this system. My boyfriend was so impressed with Bamboo Con., that we are having John help us on another project. ASAP.

Bella C.
Burlingame, CA

John and his team were excellent to deal with. His prices were reasonable and the quality of his work was outstanding! This particular job was for a 9 unit apartment building in San Francisco. He made the entire process a breeze by knowing exactly where to place the cameras to maximize their best use. On top of being very knowledgeable, he was accessible every time i needed to communicate with him. I will definitely be using Bamboo Communication again!

Majid M.
San Francisco, CA

John is the best. He came to my home for an estimate for installation of 7 cameras. I received different quotes from different company’s but by far I thought his quote was the best. The reason why I decided to go with him was because of his honesty. Other company’s promised me things that were not possible but John was honest with me since the beginning. He is very professional and did exactly what he promised and more. He went out of his way to shop for different cameras to get me the best price possible. He did everything possible to satisfy my every need. I recommend Bamboo Communication services, you will not be disappointed.

Wessne G.
San Francisco, CA

John has helped our family install 4 HD security cameras a few months ago. In this short amount of time, he has came back 4 times to help us. Maybe due to the neighborhood, there seems to be a lot of interference. He came and switched out 3 cameras for us. We also had a manufacture defective hard disk and he switched that out for us and even readjusted our camera to our preference. All our follow ups were free of charge! All cameras are working great! I must point out that John is incredibly responsive and reliable. When he promises a time he will never be late. He comes well prepared and works real hard to get the job done in a short amount of time without any inconvenience. His service is better than Xfinity or ADT because you are directly communicating with him who will continue to help you if you have any future questions or problems. I highly recommend John and his company for everyone who is interested in installing high quality security cameras at a great price! Thanks John!

Judy W.
San Francisco, CA

John has installed security cameras for both our business and residential properties and has done a fantastic job. The quality of work is excellent and the speed at which the job was completed was amazing! He worked very hard to complete the project within the time-frame and was friendly throughout the installation. He explained us how to use the software and was courteous to offer over the phone service if we had any issues/questions with the system installed. We also had John install a Chief motorized lift for presentations at our facility, his first installation, and it worked out amazingly! I would highly recommend John for any work, he is professional and offers the best prices in the bay area!

Sumeet D.
San Francisco, CA

I recently purchased / remodeled a home and dealt with several parties (painters, electricians, plumbers, etc). John was the only one I dealt with who had complete integrity, honesty, came in at budget, and the only one I would ever recommend. He was very helpful in advising what type of sound/television equipment I should buy, worked within my budget, came on time when he said I would, and worked hard to get it done in a timely manner. He even came by a few extra times to fix certain things other people I hired did not do correctly. I would highly recommend John.

B H.
San Francisco, CA

John Jiang Bamboo communication recently installed a surveillance video system in our family association office located in Chinatown San Francisco. The installation off four surveillance cameras including the wiring from the ground floor to the fourth floor was completed on one day. John and his partner arrived at nine o’clock in the morning on Monday and completed the installation including the setup at around four o’clock. The work was outstanding and the price considered very reasonable and competitive. . John is responsive and knowledgeable about his work. We also had him to install a backup power system to prevent services interruptions in the event of power outage. John’s services as a whole considered excellent.

York S.
San Francisco, CA

John installed video systems for me at two apartment buildings and was responsive, very affordable and a pleasure to deal with. He repositioned cameras for free at a later point. Would highly recommend Bamboo communications!

Paul K.
Mill Valley, CA

John provided great insight on how to arrange the cameras and setup the network . His service was personalized and Professional. I felt confident I was getting the service I was promised. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about getting a surviellance camera installed at home.

Mimi J.
San Francisco, CA